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Mesh in the design of interiors and decorative elements
 IMG 150150  Сетка в дизайне интерьеров и декоративных элементах

Recently, loft-style mesh has been used in different versions. The actual solution to create a modern interior of the room both inside and outside is the use of a plow-and-draw mesh. This successful solution is used by restaurants, shops, cafes, barbershops and other institutions. Below are the works of our customers from our products.

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Mesh for fence

Mesh for fence
 IMG 0421 10 06 17 09 42  Сетка для забора

In connection with the launch of a new workshop in the village of Rudny, Yekaterinburg, our company has resumed work on making fences and sections with the dimensions of sections (rolls) of 2.5 meters. For example, the size of sections 2.5x2 meters is optimal for installation of a fence in country, garden and other areas, because the distance between the pillars is 2.5 meters.

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Fiber steel (metal) for concrete
 fibra 2  Фибра стальная (металлическая) для бетона

Steel fiber (metal fiber) is used for reinforcing concrete (fiber concrete) and consists of steel strips in length of 20-80 mm in various shapes, made of tape, which are added to concrete during mixing. Further "

Profile (corner) plaster mesh
 ugolok setchatiy  Профиль (уголок) штукатурный сетчатый

Profile (corner) plaster mesh made of galvanized steel

Width: 45x45 mm

Length: 3 meters (or on request)

The cell is 10x10 mm.

Galvanized steel thickness: 0.5 mm.

Packing: 25 pieces, 10pcs. Further "

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