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Expansion of the range of the CPVS grid

 P2130159 150x150  Расширение ассортимента сетки ЦПВС

Ready to offer you an expanded range of expanded metal mesh. Thanks to the latest modern equipment, it became possible to produce smaller cells - 10x5 mm. and 6x3mm. by the larger and smaller diagonals of the rhombus. Further "

Caution scammers!

 spravki o dohodah  Осторожно мошенники!

The quality of the mesh is the guarantee of the durability of the plastered surface!

For leveling surfaces with a high degree of unevenness, it is recommended to use PVA with 40x17mm cells. in thicker metal (not less than 0.5 mm) and with a thicker single jumper (1-1,5 mm). This allows you to apply a thick layer of mortar and withstand high loads. Further "

Use of expanded metal in mobile ramps (trestles)

 estokada  Использование просечно-вытяжного листа в мобильных рампах (эстакадах)

Mobile ramp (mobile loading rack) is used to provide handling operations in the event that there is no ramp and work is done from the "ground".
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Use of flooring on car washes

 avtomoika  Использование настила на автомойках

It's no secret that over time, more and more cars are appearing on the streets of the city, thereby increasing the demand for car wash services. More and more often there are autonomous car washes constructed from high-quality materials, one of which is planking from the expanded metal sheet.

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Now we are even easier to find!

 8marta smool  Теперь нас еще легче найти!

Our company is located at Ekaterinburg, 8 March 207. Below is a picture for better representation of our location, also you can focus on our billboard.
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