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Grid in interior design and decorative elements

 IMG 150150  Сетка в дизайне интерьеров и декоративных элементах

Recently, the loft-style grid used in different versions. The actual decision to create a modern interior room both inside and outside is the use of expanded metal mesh. This successful solution is used by restaurants, shops, cafes, barbershop and other places. Below are the works of our customers from our products.

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For the manufacture of mid-flight staircases, metal decks, and walkways

 pvs 006  Для изготовления маршевых лестниц, металлических настилов, и проходных мостиков

Anti-vandal expanded metal stack is also used for the manufacture of mid-flight ladders, metal decking and walkways in the oil, gas, petrochemical industry, power plants, as well as for steel structures of all purposes.

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Production of racks, panels, stands in greenhouses with automatic irrigation

 teplica 0  Изготовление стеллажей, панелей, подставок в теплицах с автополивом

In most greenhouses use coasters and racks of various types. they increase the usable area of ​​the greenhouse. In the greenhouses that are glazed to the level of the soil, the sun's rays penetrate under the shelves where you can grow crops such as lettuce or seedlings in boxes and pallets.

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Fencing bridges, junctions, tunnels

 ograjdenie mosta 2 smoll  Ограждения мостов, переходов, тунелей

The anti-vandal grid is widely used in bridge building organizations and in construction and assembly departments for fencing bridges, crossings, tunnels, etc.
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Lattices on the windows, protection of air conditioners, fences of balconies

 zaschita kondicionera smoll  Решетки на окна, защита кондиционеров, ограждения балконов

Vandal-proof mesh is used to protect air conditioners, for making window grilles, balcony fencing
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