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Use of expanded metal in mobile ramps (trestles)

 estokada  Использование просечно-вытяжного листа в мобильных рампах (эстакадах)

Mobile ramp (mobile loading rack) is used to provide handling operations in the event that there is no ramp and work is done from the "ground".
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Use of flooring on car washes

 avtomoika  Использование настила на автомойках

It's no secret that over time, more and more cars are appearing on the streets of the city, thereby increasing the demand for car wash services. More and more often there are autonomous car washes constructed from high-quality materials, one of which is planking from the expanded metal sheet.

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For the manufacture of maintenance sites and bridges

Expanded-exhaust sheet (PVL) is used for making decks and steps of flight stairs. The structure of the expanded metal sheet does not allow to stagnate on the products of oil, snow and mud, which increases the safety of trauma and allows the use of expanded metal sheets for maintenance and bridges in oil, gas, petrochemical industry, power plants, civil and industrial construction, and Also for steel structures of all purposes.