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Boring works

Boring works, as a rule, are made with respect to holes that are obtained by drilling, casting or forging and are intended to increase their diameter, but also to achieve high dimensional accuracy of products and small roughness of their surfaces. They are performed depending on the shape of the product on both milling and lathe machines and are an important direction in the metalworking of parts. Since the holes obtained by drilling have a cylindrical shape, they are performed on lathes on them.

Boring works do not have a high productivity, such as drilling, but the accuracy of the holes in them has a tolerance of up to 0.02 mm. The order of the holes is the following. First, the metal is drilled, then the boring and, finally, the boring of the hole formed.

Perform special boring cutters. They are of two kinds. Straight cutters are used for through holes, resistant ones for the deaf. In order for the bit head to fit precisely into the bore, its rear angle must be larger than that of the external turning tool. Also, for the convenience and accuracy of the work, the tool head must be smaller than the hole diameter. The art of the turner for boring works is manifested in the absence of pressing the cutter, because of which there are conical holes. To increase the accuracy of boring operations, dimensional boring plates ("knives") are used. They have the size of the diameter of the drilled hole, and boring with such a plate provides a hole of the correct cylindrical shape in one pass of the machine. Boring plates are made of both high-speed steel (solid) and their hard alloys (nalaynye).

The production company LLC Uralpromregion fulfills orders for the production of boring works of any complexity. Works are performed on modern lathe and milling machines and are of high quality and precision.