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Manufacturing of racks, panels, supports in greenhouses with autoplay

Most greenhouses use stands and shelves of various types. they increase the useful area of ​​the greenhouse. In the glasshouses glazed to the level of the soil, the sun's rays penetrate and under the shelves, where it is possible to grow crops such as lettuce, or seedlings in boxes and pallets.

In greenhouses half-glazed, the space under the shelves can be occupied by the forcing of such crops as rhubarb and sea kale, and in winter - for storing plants that are in a state of hibernation. The illumination of plants grown on stands is higher than on beds or standing on the floor. Yes, and watering and caring for plants located on stands, it is much more convenient. The height of most racks and stands is about 0.8 m. Plants are closer to the level of the eyes, and they can be properly viewed and evaluated

First of all, you should choose the type of surface of the supports and racks. Both solid and mesh surfaces have their advantages, so the final solution depends mainly on the culture and technology of cultivation. In summer, when the windows are open, the air circulates normally around the stands and racks. In any case, the mesh supports can be covered with plastic sheets or shallow metal pallets to apply the technology of growing the plant on solid surfaces.

The structure of the metal stands and shelves is strong and light. An open mesh provides free air passage, water for growing a variety of crops. This keeps the metal stands and racks clean and dry. Insects can not damage the metal surface.

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